“I am IGNITED! Business is up 12% for the year and 40% up last month.  …I owe you.” 
Jack, North Carolina

“On a very personal note, Doreen has formed the backbone and structure for my wife and my planning for my coming transplant. Please let her know that her message has already had a profound effect on us.”
Roger, Atlanta

“I sincerely appreciate the time you spent with our group… I have learned so much not only from your training …but from watching you in action. You are PHENOMENAL! Thank you!”
Kelly, Chicago

“…the immediate changes in my behaviors can really have a positive impact on sales results starting Friday…”
J, Pittsburgh

“What you offered, in the way of career & life advice, was truly genuine and valuable.  I also want to thank you for inspiring us to really pursue what makes us 'tick' - by doing this, you went beyond just addressing the whole “in business” topic to touch on what it means to be successful as a person. Apart from what you delivered in terms of content, what really stood out to me was the way you expressed personal interest in each [person] there - you reached out to each one and made them 'belong' to the whole conversation. That's a truly wonderful trait you have, Doreen!  I may be biased, but I would dare say that was the best [program] I [have] attended…”
Suzanne, Atlanta

“I must thank you …for teaching me; teaching me to become a better person, teaching me to become a better teacher...”
Dan, Philadelphia

“What is SO different about you is the attention that you give.  You LISTEN, you actively absorb what people are saying, even trite details, amid millions of other things you need to keep track of.   I find this quality about you amazing, quite frankly.  And, truth be told, you serve as such an example to me of ways I can improve myself.  You are SO connected… I notice this about you and respect it tremendously.”
Carole, Denver

“You are the best!  I often grouse about how women just seem to tear each other down but you are an example for all who profess to be mentors.”
Amy, Atlanta

"I have a clear sense of who I am and who I might become! Through Doreen's contagious passion and serious purpose …she unlocked my energy, imagination, and mind.   Learning topics were vivified and rose pass the mechanical, dry or routine!"
Vanessa, Santa Fe

"Doreen comes prepared with a solid understanding of issues impacting my business and growth as a leader. She actively listened to me voice opportunities, challenges, and concerns. Based on this insight, she offered practical concepts, ideas, and strategies that have helped me evolve as a leader and positively impact my company. She created a positive, comfortable, and fun environment."
John, Marietta