We take professional and personal development out of the
“classroom” and immerse you into a transformational travel
experience in which you discover, reflect, and apply learnings
to your goals.

We prepare YOU to roar!

Each Prepare to Roar experience is unique -- resulting from our customization to your objectives, as well as nature’s customization of seasons, wildlife and environment. With that said, these focus areas are popular:

  • Leading and managing change for yourself and others
  • Embracing the necessity of curiosity and learning to think creatively
  • Unleashing your courage
  • Learning or reinforcing skills like problem solving and risk-taking
  • Understanding and leveraging communication and behavior styles
  • Developing leadership presence
  • Cultivating critical leadership and life skills such as:
    focus, acceleration, intuition, emotional intelligence,
    and influencing others

You will leave Prepare to Roar with clear direction and a game plan to start “roaring” the second you touch down back home.

A Prepare to Roar expedition is typically formed around 4-8 people with synergistic objectives. Single or double accommodations are available. Solo or private group programming is also available. Expeditions range from 4-7 days and are all-inclusive, except for airfare. Pricing, starting as low as $2,900, is based on variables such as location, duration, and size of group.

It is time to roar!

with any questions and to start your journey!