Prepare to Roar is for you if you are seeking to either:

  • Reinvigorate your current environment
  • Accelerate your current path forward
  • Transition into a new role or life experience
  • Change your course completely
  • Launch your long awaited dream

…AND the thought of doing so in a classroom, hotel ballroom, or corporate meeting space always stops you dead in your tracks!

Examples of people/ groups preparing to roar:

  • Individuals/ small groups wanting a highly customized development opportunity outside of a typical training curriculum and environment. 
  • Individuals who are either tired of watching others make progress while they feel stagnant or are frustrated for not knowing what they really want to “do” …or worse yet, knowing what they want to do, but not having the courage to execute.
  • Teams, departments, or special interest groups who have a unified purpose and need a shared experience to move the proverbial needle!
  • Retirees who wonder what to do next, who ask “what do I want my legacy to be and am I on track for it?”
  • Students/ student small groups who want to advance their leadership skills or help gain focus on what is next for them upon graduation.