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Invest in Your Most Important Relationships

Prepare to Roar’s adventure-based learning® offers a “never been done before” opportunity to invest in yourself,  your relationships, or your family.

Prepare to Roar® believes that investing in yourself to help ensure that you are living your best life or investing in your relationships or family to help improve bonds, communication, and interactions is one of, if not the, best decision you will ever make.

The lessons, insights, and tools my family learned on that trip are a constant part of our dialogues and interactions today.

Ben Funk

Doreen provides a tremendous framework for anyone looking to elevate their game and challenge themselves as they 'Prepare to Roar' in life.

Bill Fagan

Why individuals and families choose Prepare to Roar®:

Unique Learning Environments

Our destinations purposefully take you out of your daily environment and provide experiences rooted in risk-taking, discovery, and adventure.

Deepen Relationships

Whether it’s relationship with self, a spouse, the entire family, or a close group of friends; your relationships will see explosive growth over the course of a few days.

Tranformative and Lasting

You’ll leave equipped with the insights, learning, frameworks, and tools to continue to Roar long after you have returned home.

Are you ready to:

  • discover your why or purpose

  • set and reach a goal

  • form or forge deeper relationships

  • ignite change

  • overcome a challenge

  • invest in your personal growth

  • learn more about yourself and your family

  • invest in your personal growth

How it Works:

Book a Consultation

Whether you’re interested in joining one of our scheduled expeditions or booking a private expedition for your family or friends, the first step is to book a one-on-one consultation to discuss your goals.

Go on Your Expedition

From designing the curriculum to every detail of your expedition, we carefully plan every detail. Your only job is to show up ready for adventures, connection, and life-change.

See Explosive Growth

You’ll walk away feeling inspired and equipped to reach your goals and more deeply connected to the relationships that matter the most to you.

Ready to Find Your Expedition

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Book a Consultation

It’s your time to ROAR.
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