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Accelerate Your Leadership

Prepare to Roar® is an opportunity for individuals or teams who are ready to level-up their teamwork and leadership. The unique combination of a remote environment, adventure-based learning®, and an experienced guide accelerates explosive growth.

International travel by itself increases one’s exposure to other people and cultures – always a good thing – and when you add in a tight program that is relevant to what you are experiencing delivered by an A-1 expert, Doreen herself, it’s a can’t-miss WIN

Sean MikulaCEO

Doreen provides a tremendous framework for anyone looking to elevate their game and challenge themselves as they 'Prepare to Roar' in life.

Bill FaganCEO

Why professionals choose Prepare to Roar®:

Eliminate Distractions

Our destinations purposefully take you out of your daily environment and immerse you into exclusive, handpicked settings so you can tune out the white noise and focus on your goals.

Learn through Adventure

Experience truly transformative ingredients of leadership and success through during life experiences rooted in risk-taking, discovery, reflection, and adventure.

Level Up Your Leadership

You’ll leave inspired and equipped  to focus on whatever professional objective  you want to achieve and prepared to lead at the next level.

Are you ready to:

  • face and overcome challenges head on

  • build a stronger culture or relationships

  • elevate or accelerate success

  • have the skills you need to face the next global challenge

  • plan and set goals

  • embrace a current or forthcoming change

  • establish a more impactful leadership presence

  • discover innovation and inspiration

How it Works:

Book a Consultation

Whether you’re interested in an expedition for your team or yourself, the first step is to book a one-on-one consultation to discuss your desired outcomes.

Go on Your Expedition

From designing the curriculum to every detail of your expedition, we carefully plan every detail. Your only job is to show up ready to learn.

Increase Your Potential

You’ll leave feeling equipped to level up your leadership and reach your big goals.

Ready to Find Your Expedition

Browse our active expeditions
or learn more upcoming adventures!

Book a Consultation

It’s your time to ROAR.
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