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Serengeti – Uncovering Secrets of the Big Cats

Serengeti – Relationships Matter

Belize – ROARing in Times of Stress

Belize – Going For It!

What Alumni Say

“To me, the value of Prepare to Roar is each trip is a highly memorable (unforgettable) life experience that includes tremendous opportunity for personal (or couple or team) growth if you seize that opportunity. International travel by itself increases one’s exposure to other people and cultures – always a good thing – and when you add in a tight program that is relevant to what you are experiencing delivered by an A-1 expert, Doreen herself, it’s a can’t-miss WIN. ”

Sean Mikula

“Doreen is a master facilitator and coach. Through the Prepare to Roar curriculum, Doreen completely transformed the way my family communicates with each other. ”

Ben Funk

“Doreen was a true professional when it came to her preparing us and leading us through the transformation of our relationships with professional colleagues and personal friends and family. She has a unique ability to get people who are less outspoken to be heard without making anyone uncomfortable”

Dave Tovissi

“Doreen helped me identify my blind spots through hands on experiences and reflection exercises.
Doreen is a great listener, but she does not sit on the sidelines. She asks the second and third level questions which help to tease out the underlying issues that need to be addressed in any challenge. Doreen provides a tremendous framework for anyone looking to elevate their game and challenge themselves as they 'Prepare to Roar' in life.”

Bill Fagan

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