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Prepare to Roar’s adventure-based learning® provides professional development that’s both unmatched and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Prepare to Roar® offers expeditions for all professional pathways – executives, current and future leaders, individual contributors, or exclusive teams experiences.

Expeditions are developed for those people or teams with at least one the following objectives in mind:

  • looking to plan and set goals
  • embracing a current or forthcoming change
  • elevating or accelerating success
  • discovering innovation and inspiration
  • facing and overcoming challenges head on
  • building a stronger culture or relationships
  • establishing a more impactful leadership presence

Prepare to Roar® gives you the curriculum, coaching, and courage you need in a life-changing experience that uniquely pairs learning with adventure. After all, as any successful leader will tell you, textbooks, advance degrees, and formal training will only get you so far.  We believe that the truly transformative ingredients of leadership and success are developed during life experiences rooted in risk-taking, discovery, reflection, and adventure.

Prepare to Roar’s adventure-based learning® purposefully takes you out of your daily environment and immerses you into exclusive, handpicked settings. Your new surroundings coupled with the right curriculum and the right guide, provide the perfect opportunity to eliminate the “white noise” that distracts and blocks you from discovering (or rediscovering), processing, practicing “gut-thinking,” and planning.

Ultimately, Prepare to Roar inspires and equips you to focus on whatever professional objective or “prey” that you will identify to achieve.

On an African safari, in the jungles of Central America, or at another of our other, deluxe, yet remote locales, professional development is informed and inspired by nature, the great outdoors, and adventure.

Each adventure is led by a facilitator who is greatly experienced with the learning content and with over 15 years of travel to the handpicked locations, has deep, local relationships, ensuring you an authentic, transformative, and memorable experience from the moment you begin.

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