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Prepare to Roar® is a courageous, life-altering, adventure-based learning® experience realized through purposeful, intimate, international expeditions that provide insights, coaching, reflection, and action planning for success.

Prepare to Roar® was created out of a passion to help people courageously discover and live their best life …to help them to ROAR!

Who comes on Prepare to Roar® expeditions?

Prepare to Roar® is for people looking to reinvigorate, accelerate, transition, establish, change, launch…

professionally, we’ve seen it be a career, a team, a path, outlook, or an attitude.

personally, we’ve seen it be relationships, a side business, a hobby, a pro-bono passion, an outlook, a mindset, or a pivot in lifestyle.

“S/he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” – Muhammad Ali

What is Adventure-based Learning®?

Adventure-based learning® is our guided, proprietary methodology that utilizes nature as our classroom to provide lessons and inspirations that are integrated into each expedition’s content and application.

Each expedition has three main components: adventures, themed-content, and application.

To experience the power of Adventure-based learning®, join us on the expedition that is right for you!  Not sure which one?  Email us at for help!

Watch our Video to Learn MoreWatch our Video to Learn More
Prepare To Roar's Founder

Why roaring with Doreen Linneman is exceptional…

Doreen Linneman is the founder and CEO of Prepare to Roar. She is an entrepreneur, leader, and champion: She is passionately dedicated, both personally and professionally, to inspiring people to courageously unlock and live their best lives.

Inspired by her own passion for—and lessons from—travel, as well as more than 15 years in the professional development industry, in 2012 Doreen founded Prepare to Roar® and its proprietary adventured-based learning® methodology for individuals, teams, and groups looking to reinvigorate, accelerate, transition, establish, change, or ready themselves for launch.

Learn more about DoreenLearn more about Doreen