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Prepare to Roar’s adventure-based learning® offers a “never been done before” opportunity to invest in yourself, in your relationships, or in your family.

Prepare to Roar believes that investing in yourself to help ensure that you are living your best life or investing in your relationships or family to help improve bonds, communication, and interactions is one of, if not the, best decision you will ever make.

We have never had one guest ever say otherwise. In fact, guests often wish they did it sooner and end up returning on another Prepare to Roar expedition.

Prepare to Roar’s personal expeditions are designed for anyone seeking to:

  • discover their “why” or purpose
  • set and reach a goal
  • form or forge deeper relationships
  • ignite change
  • overcome a challenge
  • grow as an individual
  • learn more about themself or their family

Prepare to Roar delivers on these hopes through our proprietary adventure-based learning methodology, composed of a variety of curated, international expeditions that are catered to different levels of physical and experiential preferences. All are rooted in guided discovery, reflection, and learning by your very own exclusive leader.

With programs in throughout Africa and Central America, Prepare to Roar leverages the unique landscape and learnings inherent in each international destination and couples them with a personalized curriculum and expert coaching to help you not only achieve your goal — but equip you with the insights, learning, framework, and tools to continue to Roar long after you have returned home.

Each adventure is led by your guide who is deeply passionate about your growth and who will leverage our 15 years plus of travel to the handpicked locations, which as resulted in deep, local relationships, ensuring you an authentic, transformative, and memorable experience from the moment you begin.

You or your relationships are worth investing in, aren’t they?  If not now, when?

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